Maine Coons




            Welcome!  FairyConcerto is in Kanagawa Prefecture which adjoins Tokyo.

           It is small cattery for Maine Coons.

           FairyConcerto is registered with TICA. And the member of TICA.

           My Maine Coons are living indoors completely.

           They have to receive the vaccination and the medical checkup once per year.

           It will also be a blood test if there is necessity.

           It always takes care about their health.

           My keeping in mind to breeding is healthy and friendly Maine Coons.

           And it have to be Maine Coons that are loved by everybody.

           Of course, I think that a type is also very important.

           The kittens of FairyConcerto inoculates feline
           3 combined vaccine in about 8 week and 13 week.

           And kittens will carry out a blood test, before leaving for a new house.

            I want to know many about Maine Coons.

           Therefore, together with Maine Coons,
            if communication by heart to heart that can be performed, it is very wonderful.

           Thank you for visiting a website.



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